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I always set unattainable goals. Even the little ones. Today’s to-do list was unrealistic to be sure. I knew that when I wrote it up this morning. Still, I’m angry that it’s 10 pm and I’m not done. I took a break to cook dinner and watch a little TV. I needed that time then. I need that time now.

I entered what I ate today into an online calorie tracker. It wasn’t so bad, but not so good either. It tells me I’m not getting enough vitamin D.  Could my lap-top tan have anything to do with that?

I’d like to have a drink. That would be more calories though.  I don’t know what I want more right now, the drink, or to not fall victim to grad-school-gut. I once thought the gut was only limited to theses and dissertations, but I was mistaken. They take years of crafting at library carols and behind computer screens.  It’s one souvenir I’d like to leave without.

forget it. I’m having the drink.


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Head West Young (Wo)man

I’ve been gone awhile, I know. But now I find myself in a new place and even though I’m surrounded by people- very nice people in fact, I’m lonely. I also seem to have a bit of time on my hands – at least for now. As a new graduate student on my way to a Ph.D, I’m sure the pace will pick up shortly. In the meantime I’ve been trying to get used to these new surroundings. I’m 14 hours from the place I’ve called home for my whole life, unless you count my 4 years in western NY when I was an undergraduate. Mr. Errata is still living in our condo. He’ll be moving out here eventually, but we are dealing with buying and selling and nothing seems to be working in our favor at the moment. While he sleeps alone in our old bed, I’m sleeping alone in a creaky old twin. I’m renting a room in the home of an older woman. The neighborhood is quite nice and close enough to campus for me to get around by bike, but it still doesn’t feel like home. The furniture isn’t mine. The crickets are loud. The automatic sprinkler wakes me up at 5am. Even the CVS here feels foreign; they sell beer and hard liquor. Paper towels and toilet paper in the same aisle as Maker’s Mark is just weird. Then there are the signs for gun bashes. I’m not sure exactly what a gun bash is, but they have admission prices for adults and children.

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